Each of our projects is unique

Every organization has its peculiarities and every project is different. Customized software reflects this fact from the very beginning. However, this does not mean that we always reinvent the wheel - on the contrary. By using proven frameworks and technologies, we create stable foundations to cover customer-specific needs. Where an industry solution does not exist and in cases where such a solution is simply not sufficient, individual software becomes indispensable.

"Untendurch": Web App for Pro Lutra

The Pro Lutra Foundation is committed to the protection of otters in Switzerland. A web app developed by Tegonal helps with this.

A full-stack web-application that facilitates customer interaction

The Open Food Network is a digital platform connecting local food producers and consumers, promoting transparency and sustainability.

An app to track and visualise changes in the flowering rhythm of plants.

Development of a customer portal for a medical laboratory with the possibility to digitally handle laboratory requests.

Open Source Projects

OpenOlitor can be used to manage subscriptions, deliveries, shopping baskets, invoices, cooperations and payments of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) groups. The tool is free of charge and is used by 15 CSA groups across Europe.

Lasius enables project-based time tracking across several teams and has all the prerequisites to be used free of charge in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Client feedback

We maintain long-standing customer relationships and are proud to have many satisfied customers.

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