One of the effects of climate change on plants is that they are flowering earlier and earlier each year. Phenology is the collection of data on the growth, flowering and general development of plants. The web application, developed in collaboration with Globe Switzerland, allows this data to be collected and visualised. In this way, changes in different cycles over several years can be displayed. The application essentially consists of a map view showing data collected by interested laypersons, the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) and Meteo Switzerland. The data can be filtered by source, type and year. A graphical view is available for evaluation, which can also be filtered in various ways. The platform is supported by GLOBE Switzerland, the Federal Office for the Environment, MeteoSwiss, WSL, ETH Zurich, Science et Cité, the Plant Science Center and the Botanical Garden of the University of Bern.

All interested parties can enter data and view analyses. Tutorials and instructions for correct data entry as well as accompanying articles are available on the project's website. The crowdsourcing of data entry covers the whole of Switzerland and many different plants. This provides a more comprehensive picture of the situation.

PhaenoNet is an Angular application with a Firebase backend developed by Globe Switzerland in collaboration with Tegonal. The project was supervised and implemented at Tegonal by Thomas Rawyler and Fabian Page.

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