Tegonal is a small company. During our daily work routine, we are confronted with very different and varied work. Before the Time Tracking App, we recorded our working hours manually in a spreadsheet program. This was too unwieldy and inaccurate for us.


All employees should be able to record their hours of work easily, regardless of where they work, and in real time.


With our time tracking system, we record working times in real time using a start-stop function. Working times can also be recorded, changed or deleted retrospectively. If a new time booking is started during an ongoing one, the previous one is automatically terminated. Frequent bookings can be started with one click using templates.

The individual time bookings are identified with labels (tags). Based on these tags, the bookings are filtered and visualized. For example, the difference between the time worked so far and the daily target is displayed in a diagram for each employee. The filtered results can also be exported. The team view also informs each team member who is currently working on which tasks.

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