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Angular uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern to make building SPAs more efficient and organized. MVC separates the application into three distinct parts - the model, which stores data; the view, which presents data; and the controller, which handles user input and interacts with other components. This allows developers to focus on specific parts of their application without having to worry about other parts.

In addition, Angular comes with a range of built-in features such as two way data binding, dependency injection, modularity, templates, forms support, routing support, as well as an intuitive API. These features make Angular an ideal choice for developing robust and dynamic web applications that are easy to maintain and extend over time.

Furthermore, Angular supports unit testing through its own testing framework known as Jasmine. This helps ensure that all code written in an application works correctly by allowing developers to write test cases that check different parts of the codebase for bugs or unexpected behaviour.

Overall, Angular is a powerful front end development tool that enables developers to quickly build feature rich web applications that are responsive and performant across different devices and browsers. Its rich API allows them to easily leverage existing libraries such as React or VueJS if needed while taking advantage of its built in features like two way data binding or dependency injection. With its intuitive architecture, robust testing capabilities and growing community of experienced users, it’s no wonder why many developers choose Angular as their go-to framework for creating modern web apps!


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