Robert Stoll


For Robert it all started with small text based adventure games written in Word/VBA. At that time it was not yet clear for him in which direction he wanted to develop professionally. He finally decided to do an apprenticeship as a mediamatrician, which gave him insights into visual design, business and telematics, in addition to the dominating computer science topics.

What fascinates him about being a software engineer is the ability to create solutions to business problems and to do his part to make processes and workflows easier.

It motivates him to write tools that make life easier for developers and thus make an important contribution. For example, the expectation library Atrium, which allows Kotlin developers to write better tests.

One of the things Robert likes about Tegonal is that everyone can take on multiple roles, depending on the project and situation. He is primarily an Expert Application Engineer and Architect, but also occasionally dons the (technical) project manager hat, acts as a Scrum Master and tries to acquire new exciting projects. Furthermore, he likes the flexible, self-determined working hours/stints/locations. This makes it possible to combine family and career 100%. Everyone in the small Tegonal team knows each other, and the cooperative spirit that runs through all areas motivates him to continue growing at Tegonal together with his colleagues.

He is a father of 2 children and has played the trumpet - for what seems like forever, he says. He is a member of the music band Giffers-Tentlingen.




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