NextJS: JavaScript Framework for Building React Apps

NextJS is a JavaScript framework designed to make it easier to build React applications. It is a powerful and efficient solution for creating high-performance web apps that are both SEO-friendly and easy to use. NextJS provides a variety of features to make development faster and simpler. It includes built-in server-side rendering, automatic code splitting, route prefetching, and more.

With these features, developers can create production-ready apps quickly and efficiently. Additionally, NextJS has built-in support for static site generation, which allows developers to deploy their apps without a server. Furthermore, the framework enables developers to create complex user interfaces with ease. It also supports TypeScript, which makes it easy to create type-safe code. Finally, NextJS provides excellent performance due to its efficient compilation process and optimized code. With all these features, it's no surprise that NextJS has become one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for building React apps.


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Lasius - Open Source Time-Tracker for teams

Lasius is a time tracker from Tegonal, used internally since 2015. Now available for public beta release, it provides functionalities such as time booking, editing, assigning projects & tags, live view, mobile view & more. Try the demo now!

December 2022Read more


Lasius is a free and open source time tracking solution for teams
Lasius enables project-based time tracking across several teams and has all the prerequisites to be used free of charge in small and medium-sized enterprises.


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