December 2022

Lasius - Open Source Time-Tracker for teams

Lasius is the time tracker from Tegonal. In use internally since 2015, it has survived several attempts to be replaced by one of the many time-tracking solutions out there. Neither then nor now another time tracking tool convinced us in terms of usability, team functionality, data protection or was provided open source. To make Lasius usable for others, some adjustments and bug fixing had to be made. Up to now we have been too busy with customer projects that we have not had time for this work. This summer it finally worked out and we were able to give Lasius the final touches for a public beta release. We will release the source code under the GNU AGPLv3 licence after this testing phase.

Lasius provides the following functionalities:

  • Start/Stop a time booking
  • Editing a current time entry
  • Manually adding time bookings
  • Assign projects and tags
  • Live view of other team members' bookings
  • Take over booking of a team member
  • Create and delete favorites
  • Project/Team View
  • Membership of several projects and teams is possible
  • Invite users to project or team
  • Export your time bookings or those of your team
  • Visual statistics
  • Daily statistics
  • Mobile view
  • Dark-/Lightmode
  • Hosting in Switzerland


  • User 1: "" / PW: "demo"
  • User 2: "" / PW: "demo"

Do you already want to use Lasius in production? Or would you like to host your own instance? Then we look forward to receiving your e-mail:

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