Open Source Time Tracking for Teams

Lasius is a free and open source time tracking solution that allows your team to track time across multiple projects and organisations.


Open Source

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For Teams

Lasius allows you to track time over multiple teams with multiple projects.

Give it a spin

A demo is available at The demo instance will be reset once a day.


Time Tracking

  • Start-Stop tracking: Record time spent on a task in real-time
  • Labels & Tags: Assign labels to each booking and edit labels on project level
  • Favorites: Save your most used bookings as favorites and start booking with one click
  • Progressive Web App: Use Lasius on your mobile device as a PWA and add it to your homescreen
  • Dark-mode: Switch between light and dark mode
  • Statistics & Reports: See your organisation, project or personal statistics for a given time period
  • Export: Export organisation, project or personal bookings using various filters as CSV for a given time period
  • ACL: Assign roles to users in a project or organisation to allow or restrict access to certain features

Team Features

  • Organisations: Be a member of multiple organisations and invite users with an invitation link, switch between them
    anytime and see only organisation specific data
  • Projects: Create projects, assign them to organisations and invite users with an invitation link
  • Team View: See what everybody is currently working on and book on the same task with one click


  • Issue trackers: Connect your issue tracker to Lasius and use issue numbers as labels. Currently supported:
    • GitLab
    • Jira

How Lasius came to be

The development of Lasius started in 2015. It is the exclusive time tracking tool of Tegonal, an experienced software development team based in Bern (Switzerland). We developed Lasius because there was no tool available in 2015 and, to be honest, because we just wanted to build something new and nice :-)

Our time tracker had to be based on open source components, meet our high privacy standards and be able to be hosted wherever we wanted. The feature set of Lasius has been continuously adapted to our needs in everyday project work. As is often the case with internal tools, we got the tool to the point where it was usable for us internally, with limitations that could be identified and transferred internally. For a long time, we didn't find the time to complete the tool to the point where we could release it alongside our day-to-day work for our customers. When a large customer project ended unexpectedly, we suddenly had a lot of time to work on internal projects. We seized the opportunity, rewrote the entire front-end code and released Lasius to the public.

Want to use it in production?

We use Lasius every day. However, to call it perfect and ready to scale to hundreds of users would be an exaggeration. While we are confident that it meets the needs of mid-sized organisations and is stable enough to be used on a daily basis, maintaining and supporting it may be more than you want to deal with.

But fear not! We offer you to host and maintain your very own instance on the Cloud Service offered by infomaniak or any other provider of your choosing.

Contact us if you want to know more.

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