June 2022

Keeping track of your To-Do’s

One activity in our Open Source Week was to Open Source a simple helper we use everyday and wrap it in a way it can be integrated with no effort in all of our projects and also by any other interested person:

For quite some time now we use some small scripts helping us to maintain code quality. Those are executed within the build pipeline either after every commit or less often on pull-requests for example.

We now started the workflow-helper project on GitHub. The first job we integrated finds and classifies ⁄⁄TODO entries. You might want a build to fail if there still is an ⁄⁄TODO #118entry on the pull-request completing issue number #118. Simple and yet powerful!

We embedded the job in an Docker container which makes it possible to easily integrate it within your build pipeline. We provide examples for GitLab CI/CD and for GitHub Actions. It is registered as a GitHub Action on the Marketplace and is ready for integration.

Not all functionality has been open sourced yet. So stay tuned for more features such as the possibility to add a comment to the pull/merge-request listing the To-Do`s.

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