February 2019

Why we sponsor CH Open

The CH Open association has been promoting open systems and standards in Switzerland since 1982. Tegonal has been a member for a long time and we are now also a sponsor.

Software offers optimal conditions for using new forms of cooperation. Through active contributions to open source projects, knowledge and experience can be actively shared. Small teams and companies can also use great projects and actively contribute to their further development. More and more people in IT see the advantages and opportunities of open source software and use it privately, in projects and company-wide. Unfortunately, however, the ideas and principles have still not reached all decision-makers in companies and politics. All too often, the old-fashioned opinion that "what costs nothing is worth nothing" remains in people's heads. We have known for a long time that such sweeping prejudices fall far short of the mark...

CH Open has also been doing great work here for a long time. The various events and the political work are extremely important. Many thanks to all those who contribute here!

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