July 2022

Tegonal becomes a cooperative

We have converted Tegonal GmbH into a cooperative with retroactive effect from the beginning of January 2022. For our customers and partners nothing will change. There are, however, some reasons that promote the conversion.

Since our founding in 2004, we have structured the GmbH in a form in which all shareholders have equal shares and rights and long-term committed and motivated employees can participate in the GmbH. In the legal form of the cooperative, these and other of our principles can now be much better integrated.

Tegonal's purpose is to be a good and flexible employer, with fair working conditions, interesting work and fair pay. Maximizing profit or shareholder value has never been part of our strategy. Instead, we place a strong emphasis on participation, self-determined definition of workloads and flexible work locations. Tegonal consists of the sum of its employees. The new structure strengthens the bond between the employees and the company. Our customers appreciate working with motivated employees who are involved in projects on a long-term basis, and we want to maintain this situation in the long term.

At Tegonal, we plan projects and internal tasks in an agile manner and with the involvement of all stakeholders. We also live this form of organization at the strategic level. The goals are flat structures and a company without hierarchies, living corporate democracy. The statutes of the cooperative now stipulate the possibility of employee participation. This participation is much easier to implement in a cooperative than in a GmbH. Silent partners are no longer possible. Employees who leave Tegonal also cease to be cooperative members.

We are pleased that our customers can continue to rely on a long-term committed and motivated team, with a large backpack of know-how and innovative spirit.

For our customers and partners nothing will change

The cooperative has taken over all obligations and contracts. All contact persons will remain the same and we will continue to work from our offices in Berner Matte. Even our company ID and VAT numbers remain the same.

Tegonal continues to be the same competent and reliable partner.

Our current coordinates are as follows:

Tegonal Genossenschaft
Wasserwerkgasse 2
CH-3011 Bern

CHE-112.114.467 MWST

Software development stays our skill!

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