January 2022

Supporting 17 projects!

As per holiday tradition Tegonal has dedicated a total of CHF 10,000 to support a number of projects and organizations. This year we have doubled this budget and opened the focus of the supported organizations: we not only support FOSS organizations or projects but also organizations that represent our values. Here you can see the list of all supported projects:

  1. AMNESTY TECH, because human rights also matter in tech
  2. Berner Beratungs­stelle für Sans-Papiers helps a segregated group of people, a service even more important in pandemic times
  3. CapRover is an easy to use app/database deployment and web server manager for your applications. It fills an important gap to run small ops
  4. Cartons du coeur, because it is harder for this organization to collect food during the pandemic
  5. dock-8 Community space : open space located at the at Warmbächli that aims to enable social inclusion in an innovative way
  6. FriSante, because everyone deserves the right to have healthcare (e.g. vaccines for undocumented migrants)
  7. ICT for peace foundation is a policy and action-oriented international Foundation. The purpose is to save lives and protect human dignity through Information and Communication Technology
  8. Pi Hole makes the web browsing experience safer and more enjoyable
  9. PublicEye is an organization that conducts research, advocacy and campaigning in order to push Swiss companies and politics to respect human rights
  10. https://media.ccc.de/c/rc3-2021 Again no on site Congress was possible this winter. A small group of people met at Prozess-Bar to follow the online edition. It's over now but you may review most presentations, talks and sessions following the link
  11. Regex101 Anyone dealing with regex expressions should know it. A must that makes your life easier
  12. Open Arms is an organization that protects the lives of those abandoned in international waters fleeing from wars, persecution and poverty
  13. Open Food Network SwitzerlandTegonal's commitment to promoting new food distribution models goes back a long way with the creation of OpenOlitor. However, the coexistence of different models is the future and the search for synergies becomes an obligation
  14. OpenStreetMap is a very good and open and free alternative to google/apple maps
  15. Taiga project management tool for multi-functional agile teams. After the changes in the gitlab financing model that limits its use and its concept of free software, in Tegonal, we have decided to continue on our way and promote more free alternatives
  16. Veracrypt is a free, open source disk encryption software. Because encryption matters
  17. Wikimedia, a global movement whose mission is to bring free educational content to the world
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