January 2021

Supporting 10 OpenSource projects!

Tegonal, once again, has supported ten open source projects, financially, in 2020, with a total of CHF 5,000 donated. We supported projects that members of Tegonal use personally or professionally as well as projects that we believe are a great idea and worth supporting.

Here are the projects:

  1. Cryptpad is a collaborative editor with encrypted data storage. In this pandemic year, thousands have rediscovered and used the freely available instance.
  2. Some Tegonalers use the Awesome Window Manager. Pavel Makhovprovides some cool widgets for Awesome. We are happy to support him!
  3. Matt Lewis is an incredibly productive developer. He is the author of many useful Angular Widgets. We used the calendar and were happy.
  4. NixOS: The Linux distro with declerative system configuration. If you are bored during lockdown, be sure to try it out!
  5. k9s: Next level #kubernetes cli
  6. Flameshot makes Screenshots. And makes them well. And it is simple!!
  7. oh my zsh: zsh configuration made easy.
  8. Free Tip: Everyone should use a password manager. KeePass is also available for you!
    Passbolt is probably a better match for companies.
  9. KiCad enables the development of open hardware. This is just as important as software in guaranteeing the four freedoms.
  10. For an Adobe-free world: With Kritayou can bring your drawings to life.
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