February 2023

OpenOlitor stats 2022


The OpenOlitor statistics for 2022 are out: We saw a slight decrease in total baskets ordered and active users, the total order volume in CHF saw an increase by 10.2%.

Part of the increase in volume is certainly due to inflation. The decrease in total baskets ordered and active users across all OpenOlitor instances could be attributed to saturation.

In any case, we are still seeing a large interest in OpenOlitor and will continue to improve and on-board new initiatives.

If you're wondering what's new in OpenOlitor in 2022, here's a summary:

  • Server update to the latest version of akka http and scala which substantially improves the lifespan of the project as well as its security
  • Implementation of second factor authentication (2FA) with an OTP
  • Many UI and functionality improvements that users have been reporting to us

To a strong 2023!

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