October 2021

New digital solution for the EXTRAMET order management system

We are so glad to announce that in the past few months we have been working together with EXTRAMET on their new digital solutions.

EXTRAMET AG, is based in the Fribourg area operating internationally participating in the whole supply chain from manufacturing tungsten carbide hardware through customer distribution. This includes supplying high-quality tungsten carbide hardware and customized tool solutions to manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, machine and medical industries all over the world. The complexity, the variety of clients and the international nature of its business has led EXTRAMET to count on Tegonal as a partner for the transformation of its business towards the principles of Industry 4.0.

As a first step in our new relationship, we got down to business with automating the handling of orders respecting the industrial standard EDIFACT. Tegonal has digitized the management of orders and for a couple of months now, customers can now make all their orders digitally and automatically. This optimizes the ordering process to a great extent.

We believe this first and successful collaboration will be followed by a long relationship where EXTRAMET and Tegonal create great digital solutions that improve EXTRAMET's processes.

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