MariaDB Galera Cluster

Mariadb Galera Cluster: High Availability Database Solution

Mariadb Galera Cluster is a renowned open source, high availability database solution designed to support mission critical applications. It provides cost effective scalability while ensuring maximum reliability and performance. The technology uses the synchronous multi-master replication of MariaDB Server to ensure that data is automatically replicated across all nodes in the cluster. This ensures that no single point of failure exists, providing enhanced uptime and availability for business operations.

The cluster architecture of Mariadb Galera Cluster makes it easy to manage compared to other cluster solutions available in the market today. It supports multiple nodes with independent configurations and scaling capabilities, allowing businesses to choose how they want their clusters configured without requiring any manual intervention when adding new nodes or making changes to existing ones. It also offers advanced features such as monitoring tools, automated failover detection, load balancing capabilities and more for improved management control over your databases.

The performance offered by Mariadb Galera Cluster is unmatched when compared to traditional databases or non-clustered solutions due its parallel processing capability on all nodes in the cluster simultaneously which helps boost read/write speeds significantly. Additionally, it also offers enhanced security through its encryption feature which helps protect data from unauthorized access while maintaining compliance with industry standards like HIPAA or PCI DSS as required by organizations operating in certain regulated industries or jurisdictions.. Finally, enterprises can also benefit from reduced costs associated with maintenance since there's no need for manual intervention when making updates or changes on the cluster configuration since these are done automatically across all nodes in the cluster at once for improved efficiency overall.


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