Continuous Deployment (CD)

Continuous Deployment - Automating Software Delivery

Continuous deployment (CD) is an automated software development practice that involves releasing code changes to production as soon as they are checked in by developers. This approach helps teams to quickly and securely deliver their new features and bug fixes to customers, resulting in faster time-to-market and fewer defects. By integrating the testing and deployment processes, CD eliminates manual processes, shortens feedback cycles and enables teams to deliver updates more frequently than ever before.

CD works by automatically running tests on code before it is deployed. If all tests pass, the code is deployed to production or a staging environment for further review or QA testing. This cycle can be repeated several times before the final release of a product update goes out to customers in a matter of minutes rather than hours or days. Automation also ensures that any changes made are thoroughly tested each time before going live, reducing the risks associated with manual deployments, such as human error or missed steps in the process.

CD not only makes the development process more efficient, it also improves customer satisfaction by enabling developers to deliver bug fixes and features quickly without sacrificing quality. By integrating automated testing tools into their deployment pipeline, teams can ensure that all new releases are tested correctly each time they release an update - reducing downtime due to bugs or other issues caused by human error during manual deployments. In addition, by automating deployments, organisations can save money on the labour costs associated with manual deployments while ensuring higher quality releases overall - enabling them to get products to market faster than ever before while maintaining the reliability and security of their applications and services.

In summary, continuous deployment helps organisations improve their overall development process by streamlining testing cycles so that releases can be pushed out faster without sacrificing quality assurance measures - improving both customer satisfaction and developer efficiency when it comes to deploying new updates into production environments. With automation doing most of the heavy lifting to get updates out quickly and efficiently every time, organisations can focus on what matters most: creating great products for their customers!


Continuous Integration (CI)

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