Akka Actors - Distributed Computing in Scala and Java

Akka Actors is an open source project that provides an actor model for building distributed applications. The actor model is designed for scalability, with actors as the basic unit of concurrency. The actors communicate with each other by sending messages, and can be located on different machines or hosted on a cloud service. This makes it easy to build distributed systems that are resilient, elastic, and fault tolerant.

Akka Actors offers a number of features to make developing distributed applications easier such as message routing, event streaming, asynchronous programming, fault-tolerance mechanisms, cluster management, and more. It also provides tools for monitoring performance and debugging errors in distributed systems.

Akka Actors is used by companies such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Cisco Systems, and IBM to build distributed applications that are highly available and performant. It is based on the principles of reactive programming which makes it well suited for building event-driven systems with low latency requirements such as streaming applications or microservices architectures.


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