Software consulting

Tegonal provides software consulting services that enable you to optimise your software processes and systems, select the right software vendor and implement effective change management strategies. Although we are not primarily focused on consultancy only services, our cumulative experience of working with a wide range of clients in many different sectors enables us to provide valuable advice. All of these skills are applied to even the smallest of our client's projects, as they will inherently lead to a positive outcome.

We offer the following consulting services:

  • Assessment and analysis: We offer comprehensive software assessment and analysis services to identify areas for improvement and optimisation.
  • Strategic planning: To help you develop a software strategy that is aligned with your business objectives.
  • Vendor evaluation and selection: To help you select the right software vendor for your needs, we offer vendor evaluation and selection services.
  • Process improvement: We can identify areas for improvement and provide you with recommendations on how to streamline your software processes and systems.
  • Change management: We will help you to ensure that everyone is aligned with the changes and knows how to use the new software processes and systems.
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