Quality assurance and testing

All critical parts of applications need to be covered by some form of testing, be it unit testing or complete end-to-end testing strategies. Which testing frameworks and methods make sense depends on the scope of each project and many other concerns, there are no "one size fits all"-solutions. We strive for complete coverage, but we are experienced enough to know that focusing on the most important tests first and working towards completeness is the best strategy in the long run.

Ideally, testing is done not only on automated test systems and in code, but also by users who use the product extensively and provide valuable feedback on the validity of existing features. Tight integration with the right test audience will significantly improve a product and make change management much easier, too.

As we are focused on custom software development, QA and testing is always an integral part of our proposal. Possible test services can include:

  • Test planning and design
  • Execution and reporting
  • Automated testing
  • End-to-end tests, to test APIs and user interfaces on different platforms
  • Performance testing

We have partners we can call upon for the following requirements:

  • Security testing
  • User testing
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