Common misconceptions about custom software projects

People often have misconceptions about custom software development due to various factors:

  • Lack of understanding of the complex process and stages involved in software development can lead to unrealistic expectations
  • Limited knowledge of evolving technology and its capabilities can also contribute to misconceptions about what is possible in custom software development
  • Overemphasising the cost of custom software without considering the long-term benefits and potential cost savings
  • Unrealistic timelines and assumptions about off-the-shelf software
  • Negative experiences from past projects can also shape perceptions, even though each project is unique

To dispel these misconceptions, it's important to seek accurate information and maintain open communication with software development professionals.

"Custom software is too expensive for small businesses."

While custom software may not be cheap and may represent a significant investment for some, it can deliver significant returns in terms of increased efficiency, productivity and revenue. Industry solutions may have lower licensing costs, but integration can still result in a similar investment. In most cases, this will also result in vendor lock-in. If you have a custom application developed for you, you own the product and can always find another partner to develop a solution further.

"Custom software development takes too long and is not worth the wait."

While it's true that custom software development can take longer than off-the-shelf solutions, the time required depends on the complexity and scope of the project. In addition, bespoke software is tailored to the unique needs and processes of your business, more so than many industry solutions.

"Custom software is too difficult to maintain and requires specialized skills."

A reliable software development team like Tegonal will provide ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that your software remains stable, secure and up to date. In our experience, the transfer of technical skills is much easier than the transfer of domain-specific knowledge. The same is true for any industry solution.

"Custom software is not as reliable or secure as off-the-shelf solutions."

Software vulnerabilities will always exist, but the potential attack surface can be smaller than with existing solutions because there is little overlap. Malicious actors always try to go for the low-hanging fruit first, which basically means looking for a large number of potential targets that share the same solution with known vulnerabilities. Custom software tends to have much faster approval and deployment processes, which in turn shortens the response time to fix a potential vulnerability.

"Custom software development is only for large companies with complex needs".

While custom software development is often associated with large enterprises, it can be beneficial to businesses of all sizes and industries. Custom software can be tailored to the unique needs and processes of your business, regardless of its size or complexity. The more unique your business and needs, the more likely it is that custom software is the best way forward for you.

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