March 2019

Tegonal at FOSDEM 2019!

The weekend of the 2-3 of February Tegonal took part in Fosdem 2019, Brussels. Fosdem is an event for developers where thousands of participants meet and share ideas focused on open and free software. We were especially interested in the distributed internet topic and we attended several interesting talks, about:

  1. self hosting tools, such as, Nextcloud for file-share or YunoHost for multiple services;
  2. decentralized Internet with alternatives to the most popular centralized tools, for example, Matrix for instant messaging and Mastodon for social networking service;
  3. Privacy leaks with revealing projects, such as, Trackula or Local Sheriff;
  4. Solid, a new ecosystem for a distributed web were users have full control of the data that is shared within the network.

If any of this topics interests you, videos are all available on the official page of the event.

Even though we did not present a topic, we took the opportunity to reactivate our European network on alternative ways for food production and distribution. We had very fruitful conversations with active people in the field asOpen Food Network, Urgenci and local initiatives in Belgium. We hope these communications lead to synergies that allows Tegonal to participate on the creation of alternatives for a more sustainable, local and accessible food supply network.

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