June 2021

Sensekiste celebrates 1-year anniversary

The Sensekiste has had a brilliant start. The idea of a vegetable subscription was well received by the population of the Sensebezirk. Regiova, the association behind the Sensekiste, now has 350 active subscriptions. On a fortnightly basis boxes were delivered reaching a total of almost 4000 boxes this year. About 20 tons of vegetables and delicacies from the local region (with an average of 3-6 kg of vegetables per box, as the Sensekiste is available in three sizes) were delivered. The web application OpenOlitor was a key factor contributing to this success.

"OpenOlitor enabled us to build our subscription model quickly, easily and at a reasonable price. A big kudos to the support team, who were always quick and friendly to help us with any question/problem!"

Alain Ducrey, co-initiator of Sensekiste and Director of the Hauta AG.

We at Tegonal wish Sensekiste all the best for its 1-year anniversary and continued success.

PS: From July 2021, the Sensekiste will be delivered once a week and the offer will be extended with a self-service store. You can follow the Sensekiste on Facebook as well as on Instagram to follow. More information can be found on the Sensekiste website. Website for Sensekiste.

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