In regional contract farming - also called solidarity farming or community-supported agriculture - consumers receive regional and seasonal vegetables at a fair price in return for a long-term purchase guarantee. The operational processes of the initiatives are complex and the administrative procedures are considerable. The regional contract landscape in Switzerland consists of approximately 60 initiatives.


The initiatives of the regional contract farming are supported by a modern, generally available and source-open software in the accomplishment of the administrative tasks and can thereby reduce the administrative costs.


OpenOlitor is a modern web application for the administration of contract farming processes. OpenOlitor can be used to manage master data, administer orders, plan deliveries and harvest distributions, create invoices or organize work assignments. OpenOlitor is developed in the Scala programming language and AngularJS is used for the display layer. To ensure that OpenOlitor can be freely used and further developed by all interested initiatives in the future, OpenOlitor is released under the open source license AGPLv3.

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OpenOlitor on GitHub

OpenOlitor Projectwebsite

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