April 2018

New Webseite

Our website was five years old. That is a considerable age in our industry. Technologies are developing rapidly. But we as Tegonal have also evolved in recent years. Our new employees have changed the company culture. We have gained knowledge and experience.

Our website is designed to give our visitors an up-to-date picture of who we are. We want to show who we are, what we can do, what our clients think about our work and, in particular, what values we measure our work by.

Together with our customers, we develop good, modern software solutions tailored to their individual needs. The simple and appealing design of the new website expresses this. We have placed the navigation in the centre and grouped the content around it. This gives visitors a quick and transparent overview of the topics on our website and makes it easy for them to find their way around.

We will continue to learn and develop in the future. If we succeed in doing this at the same pace as before, then we will be able to report on a new website here again in another five years :-) We hope you like the website as much as we do.

A big thank you goes to the graphic designers of Heyday for the good ideas and the pleasant cooperation!

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